Frequently Asked Questions

As Tradomihi is the world’s largest classified marketplace which provide common platform for start, run and develop online business. You can create and run an online store. You can sell as well as purchase goods from anywhere including mobile, social media, online marketplace and pop up shops. Here are some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for you to easy to understand our company running online business.

Here are some questions related to buying a product:

How can I contact a seller?
Everyone must have a profile for security. Once you logged in, you can scroll through advertisement to your content. Or otherwise you can start a chat with request seller.
How can I search for goods?
Eying your favourite item? Tradomihi provides you two option to search for your product:

  1. Search bar: search by product name.
  2. Category search: finding by relevant category.

Check your item before take:
Before taking an item, make sure it is ok properly.
Things to remember:

  • Product inspection: Product should be checked properly by examinining any damage or defects.
  • Working condition: switch on to see that they are functional or not.
  • Original bill: Ask for original bill or receipt from salesman.
  • Ad match: Make sure that the product should be matches to the site product.

  • Should I pay advance to the salesman:
    We always recommend that not to pay in advance. Advance payment is the most common trick adopted by fraud to trick buyers and pursue them to make payment for goods and services.

Here are some questions related to seller products.
How do I come to know that people are seeing my product’s ads or not?
On an ad page, you can check your number of views through an icon mentioning on your page. This will show that how many people have been seen your ads.
Can I share my ads with my relatives or friends?
Yes, you should share your ads with your friends and relatives to spread your product. Follow the steps:

  • After you logged in to Tradomihi account, go to my Ads.
  • Select the ad you want to share.
  • CLICK on the “share” button to share the ad on the other platform.

Can I modify my advertisement?
Yes, you can edit or modify and delete as well your given product advertisement.
Why did I get rejection for my ad?
First of all, we apologize for any problem you face. To make sure good user experience for both buyers and sellers, we keep monitoring the ads on the platform. There could be some following reason for why your ads reject:

  • Forbidden products: it may violate the law or policies. Sellers need to sure that his/her product could be legal for sale.
  • Invalid price: We only allow ads that have reasonable price for the product to be sold.
  • Unsuitable title: Your ad should contain relevant information about the products you are offering like colour, age utility, measurement, speciality, functionality etc. No offensive word, phone no. religious bias is allowed and because of this your ad could be rejected.
  • Duplicacy in ads:
    If your ads contain duplicate image or description matches to other ads in same city then your ads can be rejected.
  • Technical support: When you need any help related to your product facing set up issue then you can talk to our expert.
  • Replacement of parts: We replace only parts of large furniture or appliances. We replace missing or broken parts for free.

You can also replace your product support for eligible item through your orders.


  • SELL
  • BUY
  • TO-LET


  • Business and industry

  • Cars and vehicles

  • Education

  • Electronics

  • Food and agriculture

  • Health and beauty

  • Hobby , sport and kids

  • Jobs

  • Property

  • Real estate

  • Services


  • Meet salesman at the public place.
  • Check the products properly before you buy.
  • Pay only after collecting the item to protect from fraud.



  • By membership
  • Banner advertising your product.
  • Share with your ads with friends and relatives.


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