People don’t come to Tradomihi for entertainment or news. They use to come to us with some expectation – to either buy, sell or find something- across a wide range of categories including cars, real estate, property, jobs, furniture, beauty products and various services. Brands can target customers with intention of purchasing power by ensuring the maximum impact for their campaigns.


  • Target audiences who have purchased high purchase intent on our platform.
    Always stay top of mind with our cookie pool retargeting on and outside Tradomihi.
  • Reach affinity people across 200+ categories with our cross-category targeting.
  • Make sure that your advertisement should look innovative on our platform to attract people towards your product.
  • Smarter ways to reach to the people like convenient price, competitor and hyperlocal search-based targeting.
  • Your ad reaches a larger pool of audiences bypassing AD blockers only on Tradomihi.


Unique visitor/month

50 million

Total visits/month

60+ Categories



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Reach millions of people through targeted advertising
Promote your brand with premium placement and sponsorship so that your target customer increases day by day.

Native advertising
Surface your content seamlessly across our own platform, as well as our native ad network of websites and mobile apps.

Display advertising
Secure premium display and placement on our online business properties, including site and app.

Social promotion
By reaching millions of followers, you can share your product content by promoting your ads on twitter, facebook , instagram etc. and upgrade on our social sites as well.

Web design
It is one of the most essential parts of your business. It’s your home online where many potential customers will turn for information about your product and services.
Most important thing is that your website will be the first impression of your business especially on members of your target audience. That means your site needs to be effective in attracting and keeping user’s attention and encouraging them to convert.

Premium paid ads
You can use premium ad to make your ad stand out in the listing as it gives you more visibility and a better chance of selling. It will help you to reach out to more customers and sell your product or services faster.
Any individual or business who wants to promote their ad listing can opt for Tradomihi premium listings.
There are three types of premium ad you can choose, so it is good to know the different premium ad types and what they do. It makes selecting a premium ad type easier for you:

  • Urgent ad – This type puts a tag on your ad for 7 days, to let people know you need to sell quickly. This ad will be displayed o the top of the respective category page.
  • Featured ad – In this type of ad, your ad will be displayed at the top of the listings on respective category page and will be tagged as featured and will be displayed for 14 days.
  • Premium ad – In this, everyone will be able to see your ad, even if they don’t want to buy or run for search in the category you posted in. In addition, your ad will be displayed on the top of the page and also in the middle of the respective category page for maximum visibility. This ad will be marked as premium ad. This feature is on for 30 days.
    Now the question is why promotion of advertisement is important?
    The importance of promotion is that they make potential consumers aware of your company and the benefits of doing business with you. Advertising focuses on growing sales. It builds your customers.

Get in touch to find out more information about how our content and services can help you to promote your product’s Ads.