Selling on Tradomihi has always easier. Once you have registered, you have to follow three easy steps:

  1. LISTING: Make your listing. Make sure that you will select the best category and write a clear, descriptive title and a detailed description. Choose a fair and convenient price, and set a finish time that will be convenient for buyers. Include relevant or free shipping cost, add some better-quality photos, and promote your listing with promotional extras.
  2. SELL: Manage your listing from your Tradomihi page. You can also use our mobile apps to keep in touch with your listing to check time to time.
  3. SHIPPING: Make sure that any product needing to be shipped are sent as soon as possible after you have received payment.

These are the steps you need to follow to sell your product on Tradomihi.
But now the question arise is how to sell or promote products on site so that it seems impressive and increases the chances of a sale which is questioned by most of the seller. So here are some selling tips.

SELLING TIPS: Once you have got the basics of creating great listing sorted, it would be easy for you to sell your products faster than a basic listing.

  1. MULTIPLE QUANTITY LISTINGS: MQLs give you the opportunity to list more than one of the same products within the same listing. It is quick and easy sales for you. Being able to sell more than one items in one listing means you are able to bang for your buck on promotional extra fees.
    Another bonus is that each purchase on a multiple quantity listing will count towards your sales summary, and If there will be no sales it will count as 1 in the no. of unsold listings.
  2. PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: Your main photo should showcase your item, and it is best to use multiple photos to give the buyer as much detail as possible. Avoid having slogans, text across your photos as these can be distracting for buyers and it takes focus away from the product itself.

Big part of your listing is your product photo. As a professional, your photos are even more important.

  • To increase the chances of sale, make sure your photos are good quality and easy on the eye, and that they accurately show your product.
  • Plain background is best, ideally white.
  • Make sure your picture is sharp and in focus.
  • Make sure your lightening does not distort the colouring of the item in the image compared to the actual item.
  • Do use of different angle of the photos on your listing. Also include extra information like labels and accessories. It will seem great.
  • If you are using images that are not yours, make sure you have permission from the right holder so you are not breaching anyone’s copyright.

TITLE: Begin with the basics to describe your product in a couple of keywords. Eg. Blue dress, baby pink dress etc. then you can add important descriptors such as style and size. Increase your character count and pickup more search terms by adding a subtitle to your listing.
Avoid unnecessary characters that customer would not be using in keywords searches for your product, and make sure your titles are free of mistakes.

DESCRIPTION: To ensure customer that why is this product right for the customer? Cover features specification and benefits. This is the most important information you should include at the top and rest work your way down. You can write down the novel of information of the product in your description, but keep each point concise to keep your potential customers engaged.
SHIPPING: Making your shipping options clear is a great way to help buyers make an informed decision.

  1. FREE SHIPPING: As we know that people love free shipping. So, if you can it, it is a good idea to add this to your listing. Buyers are always search for listing with free shipping which will benefits you.
  2. BASIC SHIPPING: This includes standard post, tracked courier as well as rural option. In the main description of your listings you may also wish to include information on how quickly you can post an item after payment has been received, along with the general delivery times.
  3. COMBINED SHIPPING: This would be a good idea if you add combined shipping in your listing. This seems to giving discounts offer whensomeone buys more than one item from you. 

PAYMENT: There are many ways to receive payments for trades as follows:

  1. BANK DEPOSIT: Buyers deposit the payment directly into your bank account. This can be done via internet banking, phone banking or at a local branch.
  2. CASH: This option is ideal if you allow pick-ups. It is not recommended for buyers to send cash via post.


  1. Contact the buyer and arrange payment: You can set up payment instruction to automatically send to the buyer after the listing closes. You should contact the buyer as soon as possible to make the payment and delivery by sending each other’s email address.

Send the items or arrange pick-up: Once you have received payment from buyer, you will then send the item to the buyer’s preferred delivery address. Make sure it is packed properly and is sent via the method the buyer has selected from your shipping option.


At the end of every trade encourage buyer and seller to place feedback about each other. The feedback is designed to help members make a decision about who to trade with. It also helps us to know about whether traders are meeting their obligation and contributing positively to the trading community.